About Bob Sheppard and Heritage Detection Australia


I have been working with archaeologists since 1987 including staff from the Maritime Archaeology Department and the Conservation Department of the Western Australian Museum.

Sites include VOC terrestrial sites associated with the Zuytdorp (1712), Batavia (1629) and Vergulde Draeck (1656) as well as post-colonial historical sites including the Perseverant (1841), the Bunbury whalers, the Deadwater wreck, convict sites, Dundee Beach, Marchinbar Island, and the Perth Deanery.

In 1998 I was a co-finder of the intact St Allouarn (1772) annexation bottle on Dirk Hartog Island and in 2008 I provided expert geophysical survey services to Dig International and La Trobe University at the site of the Kelly gang siege site at Glenrowan.

I have studied archaeology at the University of Western Australia and completed the honours programme (archaeology) in 2013.  I am currently studying Forensic Anthropology at UWA.

From 2013 to 2015 I was project manager for the Barrow Island Archaeology Project and responsible for on island logistics.

In 2016 I assisted Jun Kimura and Ian McCann in the search for evidence of the San Francisco (1606) wreck at Iwawada , Japan.


Diving at Iwawada 2016 . Ian McCann image.

I am currently the project co-ordinator for the Vietnam Maritime Archaeology Project (Terrestrial) working on Quan Lan Island in Vietnam looking for the evidence of the Battle of Van Don (1288) in collaboration with an international team and Vietnamese archaeologists.



At Son Hao, Vietnam 2016.

I am also searching for evidence of the Vergulde Draeck (1656) survivors on the Western Australian coast with the support of the Western Australian Museum of which I am an Honorary Associate. The research will be published in a book: Chasing the Dragon’s Tale: The ‘Vergulde Draeck’ Story.

I have written two other books; Barb of the Spear and The Golden Rule.

In 2016 and 2017 I worked for archaeologist Adam Ford as part of the team searching for evidence of battles between police and bushrangers for the ‘Lawless’ series televised by the History Channel. The series was hosted by Mike Munro.

Copy of 3.jpg

Bob Sheppard, Mike Munro and Adam Ford at the site of the Kennif shootout with police in the Carnarvon Ranges, Qld.

I am passionate about history, heritage and archaeology, specialise in archaeo metal detection and have a consultancy; Heritage Detection Australia.

Contact me at bob@heritagedetection.com.au

Enjoy my blog!


4 thoughts on “About Bob Sheppard and Heritage Detection Australia

  1. Wow! What outstanding achievements, very interested to hear more about the battle of Von Dan. Such exciting stuff!!! Awesome.

  2. A fascinating life of all things historical. I have a personal interest in one site – Signal Station, Stony Hill, Albany. My father (Ronald Bruse) was one of the personnel establishing the site for the RAN. He served as 2IC of the station , until it was manned by the RAAF. May we exchange information, please? Unfortunately, I can offer only verbal stories and several photos. Are you interested, please?
    PS My father had a similar role at a station on Booby Island, Torres Strait, Queensland, in the latter 1/2 of WW2. Are you involved in research in this area?
    Thank you.

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